Thursday, April 10, 2008


From the Santería Series this work is about instant luck guaranteed if you buy the baths and potions for sale at santería stores.
With faith and conviction you will get lucky if you are lucky.
Soaps, splashes, salts and sprays, even tick baths for your quick luck.
The guacamaya should also serve as a lucky charm.
The work is done with acrylic paint with a dash of gold and digital image on paper. 100x70 cm.


Small statues representing gang members are displayed in Santeria stores to be sold and venerated by devotes.
As you can see they all have guns to their waists. The one to the right is called Miguelito. I´ll go back to the store and find out the story about him and his friends. I´ll post it soon.


The Santeria Series is about my cultural identity and the different religious beliefs of Venezuelans. The images are taken from santeria stores where they sell all kinds of baths and potions like this one here: Tick Bath or Baño y Despojo Garrapata.

Acrylic paint and digital image on paper
70x100 cm. 2008


Does anyone recognize the circles?
169x159 cm. acrylic medium


This is a large acrylic painting of the same Sorocua series. 169 x 159 cm.
I just finished it. It has some golden touches on the cage containing huge pumpkins and a lonely bird looking at the sky.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Swinging Sorocuas

A string of Sorocuas looking at the sky is another painting from my Sorocua Series I just finished. It is 100 x 169 cm. done in acrylic paint.

Tristan and Isolda

Another painting from the Sorocuá Series, this time it has digital image. The image is of a handmade book made of handmade paper I did for my Huellas de Vida Show in 2007, In it I wrote my day to day life at the cabin in the rain forest.
The Sorocuá is not like any other bird, he visits my cabin daily and sits on a near by branch for five, ten or fifteen minutes tilting his head backwards as if looking at the sky. The locals call him Miracielo the one who sees the sky.
I called this couple Tristan and Isolda. The painting measures 100 x 169 cm. If you are interested you can contact me.

Amores de Sorocuá

From the Sorocuá series this painting is made with acrylic paint on canvas and it measures
169 x 160 cm. Sorocua is a bird belonging to the Trogon specie that lives in the rain forest where my little cabin is.

El Comepiedra

This is El Comepiedra, the one that has stones for dinner, it measures 169 x 160 cm. It is about the fantastic animals that live in my magical Gabante rainforest.


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